Problems You Might Have With Your Roof In Arizona

Roofs have been on houses before we can remember. Roofs were built for protection against rain, hail, snow, and wind. They evolved over many centuries to keep people dry and safe from natural hazards. Here are some problems you may have with your roof.

Leaks in Your Roof During Monsoon Season

Leaks can happen even if you have a good roof. They result from a lack of maintenance which puts stress on your Phoenix roofing system. Regularly check the roof joints and seal them with silicone sealant to stop leaks. If these are too old and have completely broken, you may need to replace them to avoid leaking in the future.

Rodents and Other Small Animals

If you notice small animals showing an unusual amount of interest in your roof, it may be time to replace your shingles. Rodents like squirrels can make a great home out of the attic space or nesting place. They chew through shingles to create holes that allow them access into the house for eating and shelter.

Poor Installation

If your roof was installed properly, that should not be a reason to replace it. You could have the wrong shingles for the application and need something sturdier or heavier duty. Remember, you get what you pay for when hiring an unlicensed contractor since they may cut corners to stay within budget.

Broken Gutters Possibly On Your Roof

Broken gutters on your roof are not just something to look at, but they can cause leaks and damage your roof. Ensure you clean them regularly to avoid mold and deterioration of the metal gutters that hold the shingles in place back there.

Are Your Shingles Old?

Sometimes people see this on their home and think they have a leaky roof when the shingles are old and brittle or decay from being outside for years, leading to cracks in them. Most places say get a new roof after 20 years, so if you are approaching that time frame, it’s good to get it replaced before a big storm comes through where you need it most.

Damaged By Strong Winds

Strong winds such as tropical storms and hurricanes can be the reason to replace your damaged roof. Some roofs are made for high wind areas and are made to withstand a lot of heavy impacts.

Tree Damage To Your Roof

If you have trees close to your roof, they can cause severe damage to the shingles. Even if it is just a small branch fallen off that hits one light spot on your roof, it will create a leak and possibly cause other damages too. Some tree branches can fall during strong storms or hurricane-like conditions.

Freezing Damages On Your Roof

Freezing and ponding water can cause severe damage to your roof. Cold weather causes the ice chunks on top of the shingles, and it can fall off or make a hole in the roof. Also, if you see leaks around your skylight, they may be caused by freezing conditions.

Problems With Your Roof

If you notice that your roof has some of the problems above and are unsure how to fix them, then don’t be afraid to get estimates from several roofing contractors. You want to assure yourself that you will receive a quality job completed in a timely manner at an affordable price. After all, the last thing you need is costly roof repairs because the job wasn’t done correctly.